• What isProtection Plus?

    It’s the Best Audit Assistance Program in the Industry

    Protection Plus? It’s the best Audit Assistance program in the industry. Not only do we relieve the tax professional of audit headaches, at no additional cost to the taxpayer, we also enable the preparer to guarantee their work and reimburse the taxpayer in the event of a legitimate preparer error*. Learn More.

How Do I Open a Case?

In order to provide the best audit assistance, we need a copy of the complete tax return and each page of the correspondence received from the IRS. These documents can be sent to our office in one of three ways:

Fax Protection Plus

By Fax:


Mail Protection Plus

Mail Directly:

Protection Plus
PO Box 24279
Winston Salem, NC 27114

The IRS has strengthened their rules regarding audits and denied refunds. The IRS will continue to review returns with EITC, therefore, more audits will be carried out. If you receive a notice from the IRS informing you that you owe more money or you are being audited, you may feel worried and all alone. Fortunately, Protection Plus Audit Assistance is here to assist you during those troubling times.

The IRS imposes deadlines on each notice they send out. Protection Plus Audit Assistance wastes no time in opening your case. Simply make one phone call to Protection Plus and let our team of experts assist you in extending the time required to respond to the IRS.