• What isProtection Plus?

    It’s the Best Audit Assistance Program in the Industry

    Protection Plus? It’s the best Audit Assistance program in the industry. Not only do we relieve the tax professional of audit headaches, at no additional cost to the taxpayer, we also enable the preparer to guarantee their work and reimburse the taxpayer in the event of a legitimate preparer error*. Learn More.

Protection Plus ERO Registration & Contracting

Tax Preparers can submit their Protection Plus registration by completing the information below. If you have any questions concerning your registration, please call Customer Service at 866-942-8348.

* An asterisk denotes a required field

Registration Information

Collection of Fees for Non-Bank Product Enrollments

In an effort to simplify the collection of fees for Protection Plus enrollments when you are not using a bank product (also known as a “Refund Transfer Program”) for the return(s), you may elect to have the fees automatically drafted from your bank account or credit card. We will send an email notice to you prior to deducting any fees from your account.

You will have the option to download the Authorized Signature Form on the confirmation page, complete, sign and submit to our office.

Electronically Sign the Protection Plus User Agreement

By clicking the "Agree to eSign" button, I acknowldge that:

  • 1. I wish to enroll customers into the Protection Plus Program, and I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to Protection Plus User Agreement.
  • 2. I hereby authorize Tax Protection Plus’s administrator NBFSA, LLC to deduct the Protection Plus Fee from my account as elected above for each non-bank product enrollment reported to Protection Plus through my tax software provider. I understand that this authority shall remain in force until I notify my bank or NBFSA, LLC in writing of its cancellation.
  • 3. I have read, understood and verify the accuracy of the information in the Enrollment Form; and
  • 4. I agree that this electronic signature has the same full legal force and effect as a handwritten signature or mark.

To electronically sign the form and submit to your plan administrator, select "yes" and click the "Agree to eSign" button.