• What isProtection Plus?

    It’s the Best Audit Assistance Program in the Industry

    Protection Plus? It’s the best Audit Assistance program in the industry. Not only do we relieve the tax professional of audit headaches, at no additional cost to the taxpayer, we also enable the preparer to guarantee their work and reimburse the taxpayer in the event of a legitimate preparer error*. Learn More.

Protection Plus for Tax Shield

What is Protection Plus

Thank you for choosing to partner with Protection Plus. Our goal is to make sure that we always provide you with the excellence in service you should expect from a professional audit assistance company.

Below is a complete list of instructions on how to enroll and install Protection Plus within your software in order to maximize your numbers and to increase your bottom line.

A comprehensive audit assistance program is available through Protection Plus, which is fully integrated in your software. The service works with 1040 returns, including Schedules A, C, and E, handles ITIN/W-7 rejections, assists in getting denied EIC claims funded, offers tax debt relief assistance, and pays up to $2,500 in penalties, interest, and tax liabilities should an error occur (exclusions apply).

Crosslinktax.com Portal

Log into your customer portal by going to www.crosslinktax.com. Click on the customer login in the top right corner and enter user name and password.

Crosslink Tax Software

Click on the Support tab. When the drop down box appears, select Manage Account.

Crosslink Tax Software

The following screen will pop up:

Crosslink Tax Software

Part IV regards the Protection Plus Agreement. Click on the Protection Plus User Agreement, download and read. This contract can be printed, but the electronic signature is sufficient. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Protection Plus at 866-942-8348. If you agree to the terms of this agreement, click the bottom left box of this section, the “I Agree …” box.

Above this is a drop-down box. After checking the contract agreement box, select “Yes” to partner with Protection Plus. Click on both the “Save” and the “Close” buttons. At this time, your company is registered with ours. You will be assigned a Sales Representative who will assist you in receiving the necessary Marketing Kits and training opportunities. Our website has information that you will find helpful and informative.

Please note, that each of the sections on this page are independent so completing “Part IV” does not impact the other parts.

Desktop Setup

Now that you have completed the enrollment process from the CrossLink portal, it is important that you complete the following steps to have Protection Plus audit assistance properly activated in your office.

If your office computers are networked, you only do these steps in the transmitting computer. If you have multiple computers that are NOT networked, Protection Plus must be set up in each one.

By following each of these steps your company will maximize earning potential through the auto-default and mark up fee options. At the same time you include a much needed product to your clients.

Crosslink Tax Software Setup

Select the “Billing Setup” tab, this screen will appear:

Crosslink Tax Software Setup

The fee is a nominal $39.00. Due to this low cost, you can add a mark-up amount and pass this on to the tax payer. If you wish to add to the price charged the taxpayer for the audit protection service, enter that amount in the box to the right of Auto Protection Add-On Fee (1040 Only). This example used $60.00 as the mark-up amount. Your mark-up amount plus the base cost of $39.00 will be the Audit Assistance fee that appears as a separate line item on the client’s invoice. If you choose not to add on to the $39.00 fee, enter $0 or just leave the box blank. You have the option to mark-up the fee from zero, one dollar or up to $60.00. The amount you add on is a decision your company makes.

To add Protection Plus audit assistance to each non-bank return, check the box to the right of Auto Add Protection (Non-Financials Only). You will be charged $39.00 for each of these returns. Each non-bank return that is e-filed and acknowledged by the IRS will be charged $39.00 if the Protection Plus audit assistance contract is on the return.

To remove Protection Plus from a particular return, please call the Protection Plus help line at 866-942-8348.

Before continuing, note name of the Billing Scheme that appears in the blue box in the top left-hand drop down box.

Return to the WIP screen and choose the “Setup” tab, select “Office Setup”.

Crosslink Tax Software Setup

Select the “Defaults” tab. You should be at the ‘Application Settings’ screen. In the 1040 Billing window, select the Billing Scheme that matches exactly the billing scheme on the Billing Setup screen.

Crosslink Tax Software

Testing the Setup

It is extremely important that you test your work to ensure that Protection Plus audit assistance is properly added and your mark-up is added to your tax returns. The testing process does not require that you complete the return. It is not necessary to add any information other than mentioned in the Test.

Add a NEW RETURN. DO NOT use a return already in your system. Enter a filing status.

On the Billing Scheme screen, if you chose to auto add audit assistance to both Financials and Non-financials, the auto assistance form will automatically attach to each return. Look at the list of Attached forms, General section. Audit Pro-Protection Plus should be in this list.

Crosslink Desktop Setup

If you selected Auto Add Protection Plus to Financials only, audit assistance will be offered to each of your RT clients. Note on the screen below that Auto Pro Protection Plus is not listed in the GENERAL section of Attached Forms.

Crosslink Tax Software Auto Protection Plus

From the Attached Forms section on the left under Federal, double click the 8879. Put a 5 in the refund type. Hit “Enter” and “Refresh”. Audit Pro Protection Plus will be added to list of forms attached to the return.

If you elected to add audit assistance through the Opt-In process, while you are in the return choose “Add Form” from the yellow bar near the top of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of selections and highlight “Audit Assistance”. Your company will be billed $39.00 for this return.

Crosslink Tax Software Forms and Schedules

It is also important to include a review of the Client’s invoice in this test. Audit Protection is line 3 of the invoice. The charge should be the base cost of $39.00 PLUS your mark-up amount. For example, if you added $10.00 as your mark-up amount, $49.00 should appear as the cost of Protection Plus. If this is not the case, the mark-up was not added correctly.

Crosslink Tax Software Amount

The charge should be the base cost of $39.00 PLUS your mark-up amount. For example, if you added $10.00 as your mark-up amount, $49.00 should appear as the cost of Protection Plus. If this is not the case, the mark-up was not added correctly.


IF your fees do not include the mark-up, while you are in this return, select “Return” from the top tool bar. Scroll down the list and select RELOAD BILLING. Just click on this tab and your billing set-up should adjust for the addition of the Protection Plus fees. To ensure the mark-up was added, start a new return and repeat the testing procedures.

If the testing of the installation and the billing did not include the Protection Plus audit assistance at the correct billing fee, contact your Sales Rep or Protection Plus help line at 866-942-8348.

Thank you for electing to use Protection Plus audit assistance. We are here to help increase your profit as you add a much needed value to your clients.

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